Pawnbrokers & Secondhand Dealers

Pawnbrokers and Secondhand Dealers

New York’s pawnbroking and secondhand dealing industries are very strictly regulated at Federal, State, and local levels. It is essential for those in the industry to retain an attorney familiar with the unique issues facing pawnbrokers and secondhand dealers.

Devack & Chester PLLC, provides legal services to many of New York’s leading pawnbroker companies, as well as many smaller and start-up companies, and has done so for over 30 years.  Our extensive experience in this niche area of the law allows us to offer focused legal insight to help protect your company while conducting its operations

The legal services we offer our pawnbroker and secondhand dealer clients include:

Regulatory Compliance

We can advise you on the statutory and administrative requirements, such as proper signage, ticket requirements, record-keeping, and default notice requirements, that impact your store(s) and help ensure that your operations are compliant.


The applications for a pawnbroking and/or secondhand dealing license involve fingerprinting and bond procurement in addition to the written application. We can provide advice and guidance during the application process. In the event your application is denied, we can assist you with an appeal of that denial.


Since the industry is strictly regulated, police and agency inspections are commonplace. Our office is on call if you have a question or problem that arises during an inspection. In the event you are issued a Notice of Violation after an inspection it is critical that you understand your rights and the potential penalties, which can be very costly and could result in the suspension or revocation of your license. We will review the Notice of Violation and discuss the facts with you to properly advise you of your options and the potential fines and penalties as well as review your business operations to help ensure you don’t get cited for the same violation in the future.


It is always wise to retain a knowledgeable attorney to attending court and administrative agency hearings to represent your interests. When your business and your livelihood are at stake, you need an attorney who is well-versed in the industry specific laws.

Contact us to learn how we can serve you and add value to your pawnbroker or secondhand dealer business.