Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation and Scales of Justice

Few areas of law are as complex as commercial litigation.  Disputes often arise over contracts or accusations of wrongdoing, and there are times when a dispute escalates to the point where there is no option but to take the matter to court. You need representation against these claims, and it is critical that you hire an attorney who will take the time to understand the issues, review and analyze supporting case law, and help you to map out a strategy that will be most advantageous to resolve the matter.

The attorneys at Devack & Chester PLLC bring a combination of innovative thinking, legal insight, courtroom experience, industry knowledge, and practical business sense to each case, allowing the firm to deliver outstanding legal service to our clients.  Our approach includes a thorough assessment of client needs and concerns, client participation in planning and decision-making, thorough case preparation, effective use of non-attorney resources, and consideration of alternative dispute resolution and arbitration processes.

Our efforts to exceed our clients’ expectations go beyond providing outstanding legal representation. Devack & Chester PLLC is committed to providing excellent client service.  Our attorneys seek to understand your goals and to devise a legal strategy to achieve those goals.  Our attorneys will always be responsive to your questions and concerns.  We will consult with you and keep you informed at every stage of the process.

At Devack & Chester PLLC, our attorneys have combined over 100 years of experience handling various aspects of commercial litigation for clients in the Long Island and Metropolitan New York area. While we can never make a guarantee as to how a court will decide a case, having a skilled attorney with a solid understanding of the applicable laws who will vigorously defend your interests is an invaluable asset.