The Diamond & Jewelry Industry

Diamond Jewelry

There are many unique issues that those in the diamond and jewelry industry face. Hiring an attorney who has the experience needed to deal with these issues is imperative.

For over 30 years, the attorneys at Devack & Chester PLLC, have proudly served New York’s diamond and jewelry industry, becoming one of the leading law firms practicing in this area. Through our experience, we have gained an understanding of the particular legal issues faced by companies within this industry and know how to prevent for and resolve these issues.

Currently, our clients include over 100 wholesale diamond and jewelry companies, ranging from start-ups to large well-established companies.  Additionally, we have developed a comprehensive network of companies and individuals that service the jewelry industry.

The legal services we provide to our diamond and jewelry clients include:

Commercial Litigation

Whether you are a plaintiff or defendant, we can represent and protect your interests in nearly any litigation. Our attorneys have extensive experience litigating business disputes, insurance claims, employee disputes, collection matters, debtor and creditor claims, and bankruptcy proceedings.

Consignment transactions

Whenever you consign valuable merchandise it is critical that you take steps to protect your ownership. We can prepare both UCC financing statements and consignment agreements to do just that.

Business Agreements

Our firm has significant experience preparing and reviewing numerous types of business agreements, including asset purchase agreements, customer forms and contracts, licensing agreements, authorized dealer agreements, marketing and promotional agreements, joint venture agreements, and confidentiality and non-circumvention agreements.

Employment Agreements

We can draft and review executive employment agreements, sales representative contracts, and other forms of employment agreements to protect your company when hiring and terminating employees.

Jewelers Block Policies

Most business owners have insurance, but those in the diamond and jewelry industry require specialized coverage. Insurance policies are often designed to confuse the insured and require strict compliance to maintain coverage.  We assist our clients by reviewing insurance policies, including jewelers block policies, to clarify their requirements and limitations.  When necessary, we will negotiate with and file appeals with or actions against your insurance company to enforce its obligations.

Corporate Documents

We can work with you to prepare various necessary corporate documents and records to ensure your business meets statutory requirements.  These include corporate formations and filings, shareholder and operating agreements, resolutions, and by-laws.

Salesmen’s Agreements

Your business likely depends heavily on your sales staff. There are particular issues that arise in the context of a salesman’s agreement beyond that of an employment or independent contractor agreement. We can draft and review agreements to help ensure your business and your products are protected.


We always recommend registering the trademarks that identify you and your products; this helps protect your business name and reputation and can prevent future litigation. Our attorneys will advise you on your ability to use a certain mark and file the registration applications and associated filings. We can also draft and respond to cease and desist letters in the event trademark infringement is alleged.

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